UX Research and Analysis

Your customers make decisions to buy products and services online by comparing your business’s offerings against your competitors. It’s as simple as that.

UX analysis and research can provide you with an understanding of where your digital products fit in the marketplace.

Your customers judge a myriad of factors: how professional does it look; how easy it is to use; is it credible; are you a big or small company; will you be around in the future? As your customers become more savvy, their tolerance reduces and their expectations soar.

We help your business measure how your digital presence compares to your competition. We give you a neutral assessment of the landscape and identify strengths and weaknesses to help your team understand your true market position.

We use a range of techniques that can include user testing, one-on-one user interviews, expert audits and market research. The results not only help your decision makers understand where you fit in the market but provide an opportunity map with potential paths to consider taking to evolve and improve your digital presence.

So when should you consider comparative research?
  • you need to understand how your digital presence compares to your competition
  • you plan to redesign your website or product and need research to help build a business case
  • you need to know what customers think of your product versus other companies 

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