Usability Testing

Have you ever wondered what your customer thinks of your digital presence? Do they feel your website is easy to use; can they understand your business proposition; can they easily browse your products and most importantly can they complete an order?

Not all of these scenarios are necessarily taken into account when planning the design or redesign of your new website or product. However, as your customers become more and more comfortable using digital products, your competition is only one search away. This is where usability testing can help you.

We can help you assess how well your website or product is performing by testing it with real people, your target audience. It’s an incredible experience watching your customers use your online presence. The insights that you gain and the results will help you validate whether you are going in the right direction and help you understand what you need to do to improve the user experience.

The process of user testing isn’t as complicated as you may think. We can help you identify and segment user groups through persona research and recruit participants based on this research. We help you plan the test scenarios, we hold the session in our testing lab; recording the entire process and we deliver the report and recommendations to you and your team.

So when should you do usability testing?
  • You are thinking of designing a new website or product and want to understand what customers think of your existing product
  • You have developed a prototype of a new product and need to get real customer feedback
  • You want to update an existing process, new product layout and want to test your ideas before you implement any changes
  • You need to build a business case for further investment in your digital properties and need to show your management team what your customers really think

You may not know how to describe what you want to test, let us help you figure that out. Get in touch with us and we can meet to discuss how we can help you.

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