Product Strategy Workshops

Getting consensus on the strategy for your new digital product or service is a challenge. It’s only natural for the business and product teams to have different opinions on how your product should be positioned, developed and ultimately launched to market.

Product strategy workshops are an excellent starting point for any digital product journey.

We help to establish the ambition and direction for your product by working with key decision makers from the outset. We facilitate an interactive workshop process that brainstorms ideas, and concepts, helping your team to focuses on how the product should be developed to provide value to your customers.

Our experience will immediately enable your team to develop a structured process to discuss and evaluate ideas, expectations and business requirements. We will mentor your internal product team to ensure that they can work with the stakeholders and project sponsors to mature the product requirements and ultimately work towards developing a unified vision and resulting strategy.

So when should you consider using our product strategy workshops?
  • You need a facilitator to help senior stakeholders define their product expectations

  • The process of defining requirements across the business isn’t progressing to plan 

  • You want to include the customer point of view in your product strategy

  • You need proven experience to challenge and mentor your team

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