Persona Research

Personas are realistic representations of segments of your target audience. These representations are based on user research gathered from stakeholder interviews, user interviews and available product data.

Imagine you are selling furniture and your product appeals to a wide range of potential customers (think Ikea vs a boutique Italian brand). The broader your target audience the more important it is to understand the nuances of taste, needs and behaviours. Personas are the beginning of your market research, the virtual representation of your customers. Persona research identifies the characteristics of each customer type, helping product teams to get inside the mind of their customers.

Creating personas is an enjoyable process, describing each customer type, detailing their characteristics, their age, their interests, why they would use your product. Every profile creates an identikit of how you need to think about each customer and the design and development of your product. Personas help to uncover customers goals, why they have these goals and where they get frustrated when using your product. They help to identify the typical scenarios around how customers use your product. They also help to uncover opportunities to improve your product. Personas help to keep the focus on the end user.

Our team help you through the entire process, collaborating to identify the various customer types, through to developing detailed profiles of every target audience.

So when should you consider using personas?
  • Early in the design process, to help make informed design decisions
  • When you want to identify and segment your target audience
  • When you want to evaluate ideas for new product features
  • When you want to ensure copy is written for the appropriate audience
  • Personas help to optimise and prioritise key work flows

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