Focus Groups

Listening to your customers having a discussion about your website is fascinating. Their thoughts provide insights, acting as an immediate catalyst for your team to consider how your product should evolve to meet your customers' needs.

Focus groups can be very effective in the development and evolution of your digital presence. The dynamic of a group of people openly discussing a product allows opinions to be challenged in an open forum, energising the conversation and fuelling productive conflict between the participants. The debate creates invaluable opportunities for marketing, product and technology teams to quickly gather feedback on their product.

We help you plan the entire process. We create the programme and identify and recruit the participants and can host or source a suitable location.  We facilitate and record the entire process and deliver the results to your team in the same week.

So when should you consider running a focus group?
  • You want to find out more about your target market, what they think of your digital presence and what they want from it
  • Your product team are considering a redesign or upgrade and want to gather feedback on the concepts
  • You want to understand where and how your product compares to your competition

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