Browser and Device Testing

Have you ever considered the variety of devices that your customers use to access your website or app? With new devices being launched regularly, the risk of your digital presence not rendering as expected grows.

The increasingly broad range of mobile devices and platforms that are in use today creates complex usability issues meaning that browser and device testing has never been so important.

Think about it, have you considered the versions of Android your customers are running or how old their iPhone is; when is the last time they upgraded their browser? These questions are difficult to answer and 99.99% of the time your customers have no idea either. However, they know when something isn’t working and they are not prepared to grin and bear it anymore - we take this hassle away for you.

We work with your in-house teams and agencies to provide an on-going browser and platform testing service. We help you to quickly identify where the issues are across a range of devices and platforms and work with you to identify the priorities and risks that need to be focused on.

Our team is impartial, our only mission is to make sure your customers have a great experience and we are very comfortable working with business, UX design, product design and technical and development teams.

So when should you consider using our device and browser testing services?
  • You are about to launch a new product (website, app etc.) and you’re not 100% sure it will work as expected across different devices
  • Your team need a third-party view on how the product renders across a range of devices and platforms
  • Your analytics show that you are losing customers during key activities (shopping checkout, registration etc.) and you need to find out what is wrong
  • You have an existing product that is live and you need to find out how it works across a range of devices and platforms
Our collection of devices is continually growing and is carefully archived to allow our team to test our client’s product on a range of platforms.

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